Sureal-23 participated in the TRA 2018 conference

TRA2018 / EU stand

20 Apr Sureal-23 participated in the TRA 2018 conference

The SUREAL-23 project participated in the TRA 2018 conference, on 16 and 17 April, at Vienna, Austria. Members of the consortium disseminated the progress of the project and exhibit recently developed instruments, for measuring sub-23 nm particles, at a dedicated stand at the exhibition (Stand E02). Additionally, an oral presentation of the project was given, during the “Reduction of Pollutant Emissions and Improvement in Air Quality from Road, Rail and Marine” session (ST28, Wednesday 18/4, Strauss 1-3):

  • Papaioannou E., Melas A., Daskalos E., Zarvalis D., Vlachos N., Konstandopoulos A.G., Nicol G., Sgroi M., Zinola S., Vaglieco B.M., Di Iorio S., Barrios C., Burtscher H., Fierz M. (2018) “Understanding and Measuring Sub-23 nm Particle Emissions from Direct Injection Engines”, Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2018), Vienna, Austria, April 16-19.

SUREAL-23 presentation was among the Finalists for the TRAVISIONS 2018 Senior Researchers Competition!