15 Oct 1st Joint workshop on “Measurement and characterisation of nanoparticle emissions from powertrains”

The 1st joint workshop on “Measurement and characterisation of nanoparticle emissions from powertrains” cordially organised by the three nanoparticle research EU projects SUREAL-23, DOWNTOTEN and PEMS4NANO was successfully performed in Thessaloniki, Greece, October 9-10, 2018 at the Research and Dissemination Center of the Aristotle University. Representatives from the 3...

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06 Aug SUREAL-23 project at CERTH’s newsletter

SUREAL-23 project is presented, as primary article, at the May-June 2018 issue of CERTH's newsletter! Project's coordinator Eleni Papaioannou, and project's team member Penelope Baltzopoulou, both members of the Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory (APTL) at CERTH, explain project's goals and the up to date achievements. Find the...

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21 Jun SUREAL-23 at the “Horizon”, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine

"Horizon", the EU research and innovation magazine, refers to the latest successful achievements of the SUREAL-23 project in an article on how "Catching ultrafine emissions could help develop cleaner cars", by journalist Catherine Collins (issued on July 3rd, 2018). Find the whole article at:

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21 Jun SUREAL-23 project presentation at the 22nd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles, in Zurich

Updates of the SUREAL-23 were participated at the 22nd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles, in Zurich (Switzerland), on 19-21 June 2018: "THE SUREAL-23 PROJECT: Understanding and Measuring sub-23 nm Particle Emissions from Direct Injection Engines Including Real Driving Conditions", Nick Vlachos, Eleni Papaioannou, G. Nicol, M. Sgroi, S. Zinola,...

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21 Jun SUREAL-23 participated in the 2018 Aerosol Technology Conference in Bilbao

SUREAL-23 consortium participated in the 2018 Aerosol Technology Conference, in Bilbao (Spain), on 17-20 June 2018, presenting project's achievements: "A DMA operating at 200 C for the analysis of engine exhaust nanoparticles", M. Amo-González, C. Barrios, R. Delgado and J. Fernández de la Mora (Presentation TA3-02) "Development and...

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Members of the Sureal-23 consortium participated in the 47th PMP session, on 16 May 2018, at Ispra, Italy. During the PMP 47th Session, CRF presented project’s recent findings. Find more details on the PMP 47th Session on:

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16 May SUREAL-23 project: an H2020 success story!

We are happy to announce the success story of the #H2020 project #SUREAL23 for measuring and understanding the nature of sub-23nm particle emissions! Find the EU success story here and more about the SUREAL-23 project here. (Photo: © Freer -

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TRA2018 / EU stand

20 Apr Sureal-23 participated in the TRA 2018 conference

The SUREAL-23 project participated in the TRA 2018 conference, on 16 and 17 April, at Vienna, Austria. Members of the consortium disseminated the progress of the project and exhibit recently developed instruments, for measuring sub-23 nm particles, at a dedicated stand at the exhibition (Stand E02)....

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