The SUREAL-23 project is developing novel nanoparticle concentration/size/composition measurement instrumentation, with special focus on the ultrafine nanoparticles emitted by internal combustion engines. The goal of the project is to quantitatively and qualitatively assess nanoparticle emissions of less than 23 nm and down to 1nm in size, in order to facilitate future emission regulations as well as to assess any potential trade-offs between advances in engine technology, efficiency and emissions.

The project is important from both a fundamental research as well as from a regulatory point of view, as it characterizes both solid and liquid phase particles below-23 nm, which is the current cutoff for regulated, solid nanoparticle emissions. SUREAL-23 closes the gap in our knowledge for the effect of different engine/fuel/emission control system/operating conditions combinations on emitted nanoparticles and delivers lab, portable and on board instrumentation solutions.

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SUREAL-23 Project

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